King of the Hill remade in GTA V

Today we bring to you a Rockstar Editor video that recreates the opening sequence of a popular television series. The popular American animated sitcom, King of the Hill, was GTA-ified with the built-in video capture and editing software that shipped with the PC versions of GTA V. King of the Hill was the second longest running show of its kind at one point.


Surprisingly, this time the culprit isn’t Merfish, who has been pumping these things out with a fervor, rather this creation is a collaboration between IGN and 8-Bit Bastard. The video carries the same mixture of authenticity and over-the-top GTA style violence as most other such videos do. For instance, since there are no children in GTA, Bobby is now a fully grown man who enjoys messing around on his bike on the street, and knowing his character from the show, this might be more than a little accurate. Check out the video below!

If the original opening scene isn’t fresh in your mind because you haven’t watched King of the Hill since it ended in 2009 ( or 2010, depending on region), take a look below for a comparison.

King of the Hill was an animated sitcom aimed at an adult, audience. The story revolved around Hank Hill, his wife and his son. They live in the fictional town of Arlen in the non-fictional state of Texas where Hank works as an Assistant Manager at a propane distribution company. The series derives its humor from satire, mainly of Southern American stereotypes, however uncharacteristically of similar shows, King of the Hill had cumulative plots running over the course of multiple episodes or seasons, and featured cliffhangers tying seasons together. The show ran for 13 seasons, and gained a large following over that time.

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