Is Freemode Events The Start Of Explosive New Growth For GTA Online?

GTA V has broken pretty much every record out there regarding video game sales, and people are still buying it! With the announcement and release of GTA Online Freemode Events, the spotlight is once more fix on Rockstar’s blockbuster video game. It is commonly known how large DLC updates, especially free updates like Freemode Events, attract new players. Whenever content updates large enough to warrant media coverage are release, game sales spike. Freemode Events has been getting a hell of a lot more coverage than most full games do, and the update is giving GTA Online a new face.


Freemode Events will be reworking the very foundations of GTA Online, not only adding a motherload of new content, but laying the groundwork and preparing the game for future expansion.

Freemode Events, though a massive update on its own, is merely a glimpse into the future of GTA Online, which will seemingly have a very long lifespan. The new potential for substantial updates – for free, in keeping with Rockstar’s trends – might seem like a great incentive for new players. With GTA V being available across five platforms, and having been initially released more than two years ago, you’d think anyone who wanted it would have gotten it by now, but you’d be surprised.

A number of gamers are very careful with what they spend their money on, and maybe a large number of potential buyers were on the edge all this time, with Freemode Events being what finally pushes them over. But is the massive 1.29 update, which also happens to bring the Rockstar Editor’s new version to Xbox One and Playstation 4 alongside the Freemode Events, big enough to push enough people to buy GTA V for the game to hit another milestone?

Do you know anyone who hasn’t bought GTA V yet but is planning to?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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