How Will the GTA 5 Cheats System Work?


Before we get into the main subject matter of this post – how will the cheats system in GTA V work? – let’s get two things out of the way:

  1. While the existence of any cheats in Grand Theft Auto V has not been confirmed by Rockstar, they have also not denied it (see this post here where we emailed them to try and confirm whether cheats would be in or out – they responded too!).
  2. Cheats have historically played a major role in GTA games. While you don’t necessarily need to use them to beat the games, they sure do add a lot of fun! And that is what we’re about – making the game more fun and adding longevity after you’ve clocked it. GTA 5 Cheats does not condone hacking or cheating against other human players.

So, that said, let’s look at how the GTA 5 cheats system might work.

Button Combinations

Firstly, there is the good old “enter a button combination” type of cheat. While this method of activating a cheat code in a video game used to be popular, it has become much less so of late. These days, many games have either built in cheat menus in which you simply need to enter the code once (to prove you know it) and then the relevant is unlocked and easily selectable on and off from that point. A return to the button combination method of entering cheats in GTA V is highly unlikely.

Saved Cheats/Cell Phone Method

Other ways of “saving cheats” have also been created (and it’s generally up to however the developers want to fit this implementation method into the game/storyline). For instance, dialing a number or accessing a cheat via an in-game cellphone has been used for the GTA series as well as the Saint’s Row series. This worked well because the cell phone was also important for other game aspects, like getting missions.


Turning to the cell phone method, it is an obvious bet for the cheat entry system in GTA V. It’s been well proven and used in previous GTA games and most gamers seem to like it (easy to store cheats, relatively easy to bring them up and use them, and no need to stop and pause the game). Although that said, if you were shot while trying to input a cheat via the cellphone in GTA IV then you’d need to start the process again. This could lead into quite an unfortunate cycle of you continuing to try and get the cheat activated and getting shot each time, with the end result leaving you dead and frustrated!

Start/Pause Menu

There is also the pause/start menu option like Rockstar used in Red Dead Redemption. Basically in order to activate a cheat you needed to pause the game and head to a cheats menu where a specific phrase had to be entered. While this slowed the game down and could be time consuming, it also meant that the types of problems outlined above (dying while trying to activate a cheat, for example) were avoided.

Cheats Wheel

Lastly, there is a new feature in GTA V – the weapons wheel. Basically when you go to select a new weapon from your inventory, time slows down so you needn’t be in such a mad rush and are less likely to make mistakes (it also means you are less likely to get shot and killed while looking for a new gun). What if this was carried across to the GTA 5 cheats system and there was a sort of “cheats wheel”? Bring it up, time slows down, and you can select and activate the cheats you want without (hopefully) getting killed.



To conclude, what do we want to see in the cheats system for GTA V? Well, it should be easily accessible (we think via a sort of “cheats wheel”, just like the new weapons wheel), but if you are getting shot or something else is going on it should not cause the process to restart or not happen at all (avoiding the frustration of the cellphone). Perhaps if you open the “cheats wheel” the game slows down (just like it does with the weapons wheel) and then you can select the cheats you want that way. Sounds like the best of both worlds to us! What do you think?

PS: for a discussion on the types of cheats that we might eventually get in GTA 5, check out these posts:

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