Here’s What Being a Rockstar In GTA V Is Like

GTA V fans really know how to make their own entertainment in the game. Be it via modding, stunting or starting a taxi service, they find ways of entertaining themselves in ways the game does not basically intend. The Rockstar Editor is a perfect method of facilitating this. Getting all the shots right definitely takes dedication, but having fun with the Editor ain’t hard.

Bombastic Gamer Films and The Warlock decided to use the Rockstar Editor for what may be the coolest purpose – they made a rock music video. Their GTA V adaptation of Lost and Blind by performer Suffer City is quite the sight to behold – plus you know, the music is great.

Some might see the use of air-instruments as sloppy work, but keep in mind that this is GTA we’re speaking about, so satire and crude humor is right up the video’s alley. Where the creation lacks in instruments, it makes up with superb animation and editing work. If this were an actual music video it sure would be a damn great one.


Based on their name and a quick glance at their channel it is clear that Bombastic Gamer Films is a team who know their Machinima. While this isn’t strictly that, their experience should not make this high level of quality surprising at all .

The well timed and placed dance animations really sell the video’s atmosphere and the use of existing animations and props shows that the video was pulled off mod-free.


GTA V Cheats does not advocate the recreational use of mind-altering substances so let’s just say that some of the effects used in this video may be enhanced when you’re, like, really really happy, you know?

What other popular rock songs would you like to see with a GTA V music video?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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