Halloween DLC Car Customization Leaked

We’ve recently reported on the leaked info regarding the Halloween DLC for GTA Online which is actually happening after all. The DLC will contain two new rides, a new weapon, and some seriously creepy new masks.


Well, dataminers have been hard at work to dig up all the info and features of the aforementioned DLC and release it to the public. Since the previous leak, another new feature, plus the full range of customization options for both new cars have been discovered and documented. All in all, the Halloween DLC is shaping up to be quite the content whale despite being released so soon after Lowriders, which has added a whole wealth of new content, with some of it only having been discovered some time after launch.

Two new cars, the Albany Lurcher and the Albany Franken Strange, are the rides we’ll be getting on the 30th. The Lurcher, a hearse, looks like a funeral car to which you can add skull and blood spatter themed paint jobs. While the Franken Strange is a beastly hot rod you can trick out with sweet purple flames, a burning skull or a grim reaper.

The new feature, which is a new customization option, is the addition of bobble heads, which you can presumably place onto dashboard. We can also see a leaked screenshot of an un-holstered flashlight, which, failing in its purpose entirely, is pointed upward and emits no light. Well…


We’re fairly certain that the Halloween DLC will also be adding missions to the game, and it’s a good guess that Rockstar will be hosting some sort of 2x RP and GTA $ weekend/week-long event in GTA Online to commemorate the event. The double cash payout will certainly come as a relief to the people trying to scrounge up enough cash to put together their dream lowrider.


Are you guys looking forward to the GTA Online Halloween DLC?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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