GTA V’s Wanted System Gets Overhauled

Don’t think the cops in GTA V are motivated by their jobs enough? This mod is for you.


Oft have we discussed the topic of how easy GTA V can truly be for seasoned players who have learned the ins and outs of the game. The wanted system is one of the few things about GTA V that has been getting steady criticism, mainly due to its simplicity. Granted, the immediate aggression of the police is a feature that has accompanied the franchise since the very beginning. And while GTA V has brought certain reforms to the typical formula, many think the cop’s AI should have been one of them.

The Sixth Star mod brings a significant overhaul to the crime system of GTA V. The mod sets up new wanted levels, each unique to whichever region of the map you are in. While in Los Santos, it’s the standard fare with law enforcement units deploying road blocks, and eventually coming at you in unmarked civilian vehicles.


While you’re out in the country, the first few wanted levels will be the same as in the city, however at level three, the sheriffs will deploy spikes and as your threat levels increases, advanced units will begin to hunt you.

While this mod hardly adds a more realistic approach to law enforcement, and this does not give you options to bribe cops or to give yourself up, it does give a new spin to police chases, and you’ll be facing a wider range of enemies.


Don’t let the name of the mod fool you though, as this won’t be adding that mythical sixth wanted star, which is oddly missing from GTA V entirely. Players are feverishly searching for it as a hidden easter egg!

Have any of you searched for the fabled sixth star?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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