GTA V’s UFO Enthusiasts Unrelenting

If you’ve been playing GTA V, or at least paying attention to it since release, chances are you’ve heard of the Mt. Chiliad mystery. The mystery revolves around a peculiar mural found at the cable car station at the peak of Mount Chiliad, the highest mountain in GTA V. The mural shows either what seems to be the northern half of the map, a cross-section of the mountain, or both.


At the top of the image, there is what seems to be an eye, or the UFO that appears above the mountain. The glyph on the left is a reference to the sunken UFO, the one on the right is reference to the legendary Jetpack, and the cracking egg is a mystery. Players have theorized that this may be a map, and would help unravel the mystery if superimposed over the game map.


More plausible, however, is that the mural is a cross section of the mountain, with the lines representing tunnels running through it. These tunnels have been inaccessible so far, however when players enter the Blue Hell, they can see that the tunnels do exist. The five small boxes with the red crosses in them symbolize five glyphs hidden around the Chiliad area. These glyphs only appear when a set of requirements are met, and so far, only three have been discovered, with the requirements for the other two unknown.

This hasn’t put off treasure seekers, however, and people have come up with all sorts of crazy theories. Players interested in the mystery have also began to dig around in the games code, and they’ve discovered that one of the requirements to proceed is for the player character to be at full health. The second requirement is a cryptic global variable that must be set at either -1 or 999, and one player has theorized that this is tied to the character’s clothing, -1 being stark naked and 999 being the “100%” shirt. Players have been trying to unravel the mystery of Mt. Chiliad since the game launched, and whenever they seem to hit a roadblock, someone makes a breakthrough.

What do you guys think of the mystery? Is Rockstar trolling us all?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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