GTA V’s Time Travel Mod Updated

Quite a long time ago we featured the Time Circuits mod here at GTA 5 Cheat along with an awesome DeLorean mod. Basically, Time Circuits simulates the effects of “time travel” in the game world. Of course, it isn’t “real” time travel, just a modeled extrapolation and procedural triggering, but it’s still really, really cool.

time circuits

The author, Joshua Vanderzee, has since updated the mod with some additional functionality. Some of it is really useful, some of it seems kinda niche, but it’s all around impressive.

Five DeLoreans have been added, including the original from Back to the Future, two version from Back to the Future 2 and another two from the third film. Additional vehicles from the films, such as the Doc’s van and other have also been added and made time-travel-capable.

The DeLoreans show some meticulous work – they all have animated interiors with various details that fans of the films will certainly love. They all have unique sounds for starting the engine and the  DeLorean from the second film actually flies.

time circuits2

Of course, the majority of changes are bugfixes and tweaks, since in a mod like this one, you can imagine what a mess the code is like even with a tidy programmer at hand.

However, one addition seems to cater to a small niche. Players who are operating with two displays can use the second display to constantly show the time circuits interface which dynamically changes based on what date you set.

time circuits3

How many players happen to have two monitors and a desire to use this function could there possibly be? In any case, it’s a pretty impressive feat in and of itself from a technical standpoint, so props to the author for that.

Did you give the original GTA V Time Circuits mod a try back in the day? What do you think of the update?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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