GTA V’s Planes Now Crash Dynamically (Mod)

The world of GTA V mods is constantly evolving, with entirely new branches and types of mods being invented. One of the more recent categories of mods that is an incubator of innovation and talent is the one focused on creating content that complements the Rockstar Editor in ways that benefits the creator of fan films. The first of these mods were the ones which added green screens to be used for additional editing with third party software.


More recently, these mods have taken on the form of maps which evoke specific kinds of environments, such as a post-apocalyptic section of the city. There have also been outright recreations of movie locales as seen in the remake of the alien slum from District 9.

These mods have made yet another lead forward by becoming dynamic, scripted events where stuff actually happens. Instead of simply being new kinds of GTA V maps, the new wave of Editor mods will be action set-pieces.


The first of these new breed of mod comes to us from none other than acclaimed modder Abstractmode, whose work has been extensively featured on this site. The Dynamic Plane Crashes mod has been made possible by the recent update of the Menyoo GTA V trainer.

This mod features a mid-air frontal collision between two jumbo jets near Los Santos International Airport. When the wreckages hit the ground, they turn into the appropriate crashed plane model and NPC emergency services are called to the scene. A traffic jam is created and PEDs will swarm around the site as if they were observing what happened.


Having large-scale, dynamic set pieces like this can help fan film makers with setting up more complex scenes for their videos, while combining these with other Editor related mods can result in some pretty unique creations.

Have you got a GTA V fan video idea which would make use of this mod?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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