GTA V’s NPCs Get Movement Overhaul (Mod)

GTA V is a gaming milestone in many regards. Story, visuals, gameplay features, scope, player freedom – the list goes on. Even so, when working on a massive AAA release, even the most dedicated and skilled dev team needs to set boundaries.


With infinite funds and time, naturally Rockstar could have made GTA V more real than life itself – however, both time and money are pretty tight on such a large project. As such, it should come as no surprise if dedicated fans modding for free in their time off with no deadline find ways of improving this already magnificent game.

Be it the graphics, the arrest system or vehicle handling, dedicated members of the GTA V modding community find ways of making things either more realistic, more fun or even both at the same time. Another aspect GTA V did well was character animations, however this is a field in which games struggle in general.


One particular modder, MiGGoust, who is undoubtedly and extremely talented programmer and animator has put together a system to improve this aspect even further. The Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul takes the default configuration of the Euphoria engine running in vanilla GTA V, tosses most of it out and replaces it with a fine-tuned version.

Euphoria is the ragdoll system purring under the hood in most AAA games nowadays, so experienced modders know their ways around the system. This mod will make characters try to steady themselves dynamically if they fall, they will react accordingly depending on where they got shot, hollywood physics have been done away with and even the electrocution effect has been overhauled.


That’s only a fraction of the tweaks this mod introduces. Do be warned that this stuff is pretty visceral, even by GTA standards. PEDs will react realistically to all kinds of injuries, including muscle spasms, sudden tensing of the body and grabbing wounds.

Which other aspect of GTA V would you like to see modders improve?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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