GTA V’s Newest Graphics Enhancer Combines Best Mods

Want to make use of your beastly gaming rig and max out the visuals of GTA V, but can’t make heads or tails of all these graphics mods floating around? Here’s one that packs them all into one neat enhancer.


We’ve covered a number of graphics mods for GTA V that push our PCs to the limit and enable near photo-realistic graphics while playing GTA V. We’ve written about big names in the modding community like ENBSeries and SweetFX, as well as some newcomers like Toddyhancer and Gionight, however all of these take slightly different approaches to enhancing the visuals of the game.

For laymen, the whole affair may seem overly complicated and more trouble than its worth, with all sorts of additional files that need downloading, strange options and settings, and cumbersome installation processes.


If you want to top up your graphics quickly and simply, this mod is for you. Project RELOAD combines elements of ENBSeries and SweetFX, as well as some assets from Pinnacle of V. Better yet, the download also comes with several option presets, so you don’t need to spend time tweaking the new mod.

Granted, you will need to download ENB and SweetFX as well as this mod, however it is still significantly simpler than the installation of most full graphics enhancers out there. The mod packs some serious content, and most importantly is bug free.


Reload adds immense amounts of new textures to the game, all of them in crispy 4K resolution. The usual suspects are all here, such as lighting effects, water effects, particle effects, reflections, materials and smoothing improvements, with a number of entirely new graphics options added. Foliage and plant density has also been improved, and the trees themselves saw a large makeover.

Have any of you guys thought of modding GTA V’s graphics? Which enhancer do you use?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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