GTA V’s Los Santos Gets A Makeover

Mods in GTA V usually change the game in massive ways. Whether you’re adding a jet pack or grappling hook to allow players a more fun method of travel, giving them a whole new and absurd activity, giving Merryweather an imposing mountain fortress, or if you have violent, sentient chimps take over the entire world and impose their deity as emperor, most of these mods will change the game world in an immediately apparent way.


However, you also have more elegant mods, which employ a less direct approach, but add to the game none the less. While no one said that GTA V is in need of content, and the game world feels empty, there is always places that can be improve, and this mod takes a subtle approach to doing just that (we are still waiting on that story mode DLC though).


You may not notice the effects of the following mod immediately after installing (unless of course you’d check the mod’s description, which you obviously would, but bear with us). In fact, you may not even notice anything beyond “Los Santos feels a lot more vibrant, doesn’t it?”. Well, the following mod, Enhanced Los Santos continues the trend of descriptive mod names. The mod revamps several important locations and areas of the city featured in GTA V, as well as adding some ambient improvements across the board.


The Davis Hospital and the LSPD Station get a ton of props, PEDs and other goodies added to them, the Dock and Railyards get a makeover to make them more lively and realistic, Simeon’s Delivery Garage and the Downtown Cab & Co also get another pass, and the roadwork all across the city is updated. Random construction sites have also been placed all across the city, possibly to show the areas which the author has targeted, as the mod will be updated in the future.

Are you guys planning to dive into an updated Los Santos?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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