GTA V’s Law Enforcement Gets Realistic With Mod

It seems that the GTA V modding community just can’t leave the police be. Whether we’re talking about mods that make taking them on beneficial, mods that let you play as them, or mods that change their appearance, the vast majority of fan made content for GTA V revolves around cops.

It is understandable after all, GTA being focused on crime, that blues have a rather big role in the game – or they should, at least. One of the few criticisms brought against GTA V time and time again is that the cops aren’t really harrowing, nor are they particularly intelligent, but they are overly trigger happy.


Among the most detailed and comprehensive police overhaul mods out there is Realism Dispatch Enhanced, by a modder named Dilapitated, and some others who helped out. It is part of a larger modding effort which seeks to make GTA V more realistic, and overall more enjoyable and challenging.

The kind of deep detail into which this mod goes into is quite staggering. It revamps the system with which crimes are detected. Gunshots can be heard at longer distances, which can cause PEDs to call police without witnessing the crime. Smaller crimes, like reckless driving or running red lights could result in bystanders calling the police on you, giving you a one star wanted level.


Now, we could sit here all day, describing all the features this mod has, but that’s what the file description is for. I’d like to take this space, and time, to draw attention to what is quite possibly the single most entertaining line ever written in a mod description. When it catches a reader unawares, the pure absurdity of it is bound to make one laugh.

13. Animals cannot call police (Rockstar’s oversight)

Ain’t modding a thing of wonder?

In what ways would you revamp the police in GTA V?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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