GTA V’s Best Joke Vehicle Mod Expanded

The vast majority of GTA V’s mods are made up of real-life car models to replace the default ones. One of the most popular mods on the largest GTA V mod hosting site was a car mod. Car enthusiasts just love filling the game with the most realistic mods, replacing all the invented brands and models with the real deal. But why would you exchange the default cars with all the boring real cars you see out in the street every day when you can exchange them for Santa’s Sleigh? Or a shopping cart? Or the Doof Wagon from Mad Max Fury Road?


That’s the same question acclaimed modder and YouTuber Abstractmode has answered with his Funny Vehicles Pack mod series. The second part has just been released, adding yet another infusion of much needed merriment to the game’s line-up of vehicles.

While the Doof Wagon was the poster boy of the previous mod, the Zoolander takes front row this time around. There are three NPCs (as depicted by the protagonists in the picture) present in it constantly and everyone but the driver is jammin’. Movie and TV references don’t end with the modified jeep though, as an RV with a ticked out interior called the Heisenberg pays homage to Breaking Bad.


To complement the DJ car from the previous mod, the pool-mobile allows you to take your pool party anywhere in Los Santos. The other wacky vehicles include a motorized surf-board, a moving couch with Jimmy riding shotgun called “the gamer”, a flying boat, a muscle car styled after the Lost MC and finally a replica of a retro presidential car with yours truly and the first lady sitting on the rear plateau.


You might want to hold off on a download for a day or two, as the mod was made with the new Menyoo build in mind, which is still in beta.

Which of these new silly GTA V rides is your favorite?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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