GTA V Wins Big In Sony’s Playstation Awards

With the highly covered Game Awards coming up soon, chances are the Playstation Awards slipped under the radar of most GTA fans.


More and more annual video game award events keep popping up over time, and while most aren’t particularly significant, there are a few heavy hitters out there. The Playstation Awards is the defining event for any game that has been released on a Sony console, and GTA has a serious relationship with the PS going on. The awards event resulted in a few surprises, as well as the stuff you’d expect.

The fact that GTA V, a game that has been out on the PS4 for some time now, is even among the nominees is a feat to be proud of. However being a winner as a result is less surprising given the game’s magnificent track record. GTA V won the Gold Prize, which is awarded to games which shipped over 500,000 copies (haha), as well as the user’s choice award in the Asia and Japan regions (which, for some reason, are separate). One unique victory for GTA V is the “Asia Special Award”, which focuses on the business side of things and is awarded to games which significantly boosted the financial success of the Playstation line of consoles in a given area.

Another surprise was the fact that the Witcher 3, one of the biggest award winners of the year, only won three awards. While that may not seem so few, considering the number of other awards the Wild Hunt has won, and how many awards it wins on average on an event, it is.

Another surprise winner alongside GTA V was Mincraft’s PS4 version, which won the platinum award for shipping a million copies. While the game was massively popular a few years back, the Minecraft craze was seemingly dying down. What kinds of award do you think GTA V will win at The Game Awards?

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