GTA V Was The Most Tweeted About Game Last Year

After Facebook, Twitter is probably the second biggest social network in the world.  Unlike Facebook it has jumped on the “official gaming mcguffin” bandwagon that has been sweeping the primarily non-gaming spheres. Following the launch of Youtube Gaming, the service that aims to compete with Twitch but never will, Twitter launched it’s own version. Intuitively named Twitter Gaming (someone got paid a fortune for coming up with that), the new official account tweets and retweets various gaming related things.


Twitter Gaming also tracked the number of tweets which were about games -particular games that is – and they tallied the numbers. The chart of the most popular games on Twitter was recently made public and GTA V came out on top – and not by any small advantage either.

With appropriate approximations taken into account, the rounded number of tweets which were related in some way to GTA V in 2015 was 30 million. Players around the world thought it important to mention Rockstar’s massive blockbuster in at most 140 characters thirty million times.

Thirty million is more than the population of most countries on Earth. Thirty million dollars is more than the average amount of money most people on Earth will earn in their lifetimes. The distance from Earth to the Moon is almost ten times less in kilometers than the amount of tweets that were made about GTA V.


Second place on the list is Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 with 25.5 million, which is still impressive, and then there is a steep drop. FIFA 16 comes in at third place with 7.1 million, and Fallout 4 is fourth (!) with 5.4 million. Surprisingly, while the Witcher 3 is often accused of stealing Fallout 4’s spotlight, only 2.9 million tweets were associated with it. Battlefield: Hardline closes the top ten list with 1.5 million.

How many GTA V related tweets did you contribute to that 30 million during last year?

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