GTA V Voice Actor To Appear On The Walking Dead

The voice of GTA V’s craziest protagonist might be making an appearance in AMC’s zombie post-apocalypse series.

Trevor Phillips, the resident psychopath of GTA V, is possibly the most popular and certainly the most controversial of the three protagonists players may control in the game. Played by Steven Ogg, Trevor is a hyper-violent Canadian socio- and psychopath, who is the least morally grey of the deadly trio – with both Franklin and Michael having some, albeit few, redeeming qualities. On the other hand, Trevor is the one character who has access to the rampage missions. That should tell you enough.


Steven Ogg has had some roles in gaming prior to GTA V, as well as occasional one-episode character in some well known television series. However he primarily appeared in films until his popularity exploded following the release of GTA V. Now, it seems his primary role in Rockstar’s blockbuster and the critical acclaim he has gained for it has put him on the radar of big-name networks and developers.

The Walking Dead, originally a graphic novel, was adapted into a massively popular television series a few years back, which has diverged from the story told by the comics greatly since. A recent Tweet by GTA V star Steven Ogg suggests that he will be appearing on the show in upcoming episodes.

It is unknown what his role in the series may be, but if his GTA V character is anything to go on, chances are the main cast are going to encounter a particularly cruel foe. Do we have any The Walking Dead fans among us?

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