GTA V Voice Actor Screwing With Fans Again

The topic of GTA V’s never-coming Story DLC has been done and over done time and time again, especially since the release of GTA Online 1.29. It contained the massive Freemode Events DLC which clearly shows the direction in which Rockstar is taking the games.

Rumors, announcements, statements and more rumors keep popping up about the much coveted Story DLC for GTA V. However nothing official or concrete ever comes to light, even Rockstar and Take Two have had trouble with sorting out the official stance it on the question. And yet, it would make plenty of sense for some solo friendly content to be released, considering how popular GTA IV’s expansions were. Plus it is obvious that there is plenty of popular demand.


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Shawn Fonteno, the voice actor of Franklin Clinton, one of the three protagonists of GTA V, has been known to troll the GTA V community by leaving hints to upcoming DLC on his Instagram page. Previously he was specifically involved in the birthing of a new story DLC rumor and is seems that he is at it again, but now the community is more vigilant.

Recently, Shawn shared a GTA V screenshot showing Franklin escaping some police in a car with the caption “SHHHHHHHHHH. …”. However, this has been edited, with the original caption reading “SHHHHHHHH’ does this look like LC at all?”.The “LC” in that is a allusion to Liberty City, another GTA setting.


However, some eagle-eyed GTA V fans almost instantly pointed out how this image was one of the promotional screenshots Rockstar used to advertise the PC version of GTA V (as seen above). This means there isn’t anything actually new in the frame. Nor is it, in fact, Liberty City!

Dammit Shawn, why must you do this? Why must you pain us further with false hope? Does anyone have any hope left for Story DLC in GTA V?

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