GTA V Videos Will Be Revolutionized By This Mod

To contrast the seemingly endless wave of entirely insane, and while thoroughly entertaining, absolutely pointless mods for GTA V, here we have one with actual, practical use. The Rockstar Editor, a versatile game play capture and video editing platform released with and developed specifically for GTA V, is extremely popular among the community. Countless original creations are being made, and even more adaptations of famous and iconic scenes from movies and games. The Editor has plenty of features, allowing for the aspiring film makers to pursue their dream with few restrictions, however the software does have its limits. While many choose to put the end product that comes out of the Rockstar Editor through a third-party editor to get everything just right, some people also turn to mods.


This Green Screen Mod is a simple but fantastic creation, which will make adding special effects not included in the Rockstar Editor to your GTA V video a whole lot easier. Film-makers with some experience will also surely be able to use this to create new and wonderful videos.


The mod itself is quite simple really, all it does is give you the option to add a small or large green or blue screen to any location in GTA V. However, anyone who has some inkling about the adding of special effects in post will know how invaluable this simple green surface can be. Modern special effects are used with surfaces of uniform, strong colors, as this can be interpreted by software as a quasi separate layer. If you then digitally insert an image on the “green” layer, any movement on the “real” layer will not obstruct the image, as it only appears on any green surface. The means you won’t need to go overboard with skybox props, nor will you need to edit each frame separately.

Will you guys be using this mod to augment your GTA V videos?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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