GTA V Video Double Deal: The Debt And Accidental Survival

Here at GTA 5 Cheats we’re determined to bring to you only the finest of GTA V related news and entertainment. While we already posted news about news today (meta), we now bring to you not one, but two pretty damn impressive videos. The first is a short film made with the Rockstar Editor, while the second is just some gameplay footage that you’ll surely replay a few times out of sheer disbelief.


First up, we have The Debt: Director’s Cut. A very, very dark (and we don’t mean the lighting) short film made using the Rockstar Editor, the gameplay capture and video editing software that shipped with the PC version of GTA V (but making its way to consoles soon). This film had a bumpy production history, as the non-director’s cut version was hit by a DMCA claim on Youtube due to some of the audio it used. This isn’t the lighthearted humorous take on crime as what we’ve come to expect from the GTA franchise, so watching it may not be the best idea if you’ve had a bad day. The video is extremely professional and well done, proving that the creators of the film, The Game Mechanics, are quite masterful at this kind of thing. While the film is a pretty run of the mill revenge story, the way atmosphere is created and the shots handled is exquisite, lending the video weight.

After that little trip into the darker sides of human emotion, let’s get back to what GTA V is about: screwing around with friends, lighthearted humor, and wanton destruction. Apparently one particular GTA Online player is a seer or something, as they ditch the vehicle being driven by their mate just in time to not get blown up by the volley of missiles a passing chopper fired at them. He too, repays his debt.

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