GTA V Used By Artist For Short Film On Terrorism

Usually when GTA V is in some way linked to violent behavior, aggression, crime and yes, even terrorism, it is usually some pasty foaming-mouthed conservative who wants the game banned because “think of the children”.

In this case, it is instead the channel used by an artist to convey their pondering of the motivation, cause and rationale of terrorism. Hugo Arcier is a French artist with many talents, and it is certain that this work of his was in part catalyzed by the horrible events in Paris last November.

The video above focuses on eleven acts of violence committed in GTA V, each performed twice. The point of this is to rely on the AI and random PED placement to provide varied scenarios, in order to demonstrate the artist’s message.

As the player, you cannot control what PED is where, when, and how it will react to your actions. If you kill someone nearby, chances are that the PEDs will go running, however you cannot predict where. Will they escape, or run into the line of fire?


What Arcier wishes to convey with this GTA V film is that terrorist attacks are random, wanton acts of violence. They may be premeditated, they may be planned, but who lives and who dies is unpredictable. There is no logic in these savage, uncivilized acts, no human thought. Life and death, when terrorists are involved, are things of chance.

Arcier is a rising star in the modern alternative art scene in France, and a GTA V fan. He had a previous GTA fan video, where he glitched below the ground texture, and looked at the world from below.

What do you think of this video? Do you appreciate what it seeks to convey, or do find this sort of thing pretentious?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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