GTA V Mod Gives Street Sweeping New Meaning

Some of you may be familiar with the name of WingsOnHigh if you’ve been reading our posts for a while. The reputable modder is a relative newcomer to the GTA V modding scene but he has already made a name for himself with his creative and well built mods. We’ve covered his Krazy KarRamp Jam and Grim Reaper mods before.


WingsOnHigh has made some other mods as well, building up a portfolio and a reputation for himself in the modding community. Recently he’s come up with yet another mod which is simple in its design yet elegant in its execution and fun when in use. Many of his previous mods focused on increasing the amount of carnage one can cause while driving a vehicle, like in the previously mentioned Grim Reaper mod and the Body Slam mod which we haven’t covered.

This newest creation gets its name from the action which most likely inspired it. Street Sweeper allows you to activate what amounts to a force-field around you and your vehicle, which then acts as a barrier and start pushing away whatever it comes into contact with. Activating this on a highway, for example, results in cars in front of you and on-coming traffic being flung across the air.

The force field is pretty large and violent, launching any non-stationary object it comes across forward with massive force. This causes many of its “victims” to explode on contact, launching ahead a flaming wreck which causes even more destruction on impact. The mod is a perfect method of causing massive amounts of visually appealing mayhem, though it can go overboard after some time – and in GTA, that’s saying a lot. You can only blow up so much traffic before getting lost in it all.

What other kinds of hyper-destructive and devastating mods would you like to see in GTA V?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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