GTA V Steam Sale Won’t Undermine Rockstar’s Own

Rockstar recently posted the details of their various Thanksgiving and Black Friday promotions, which involve reductions in the price of GTA V across all platforms when bought via the Rockstar Warehouse, which includes the PC download.

Incidentally, the Steam sale commemorating Black Friday (well, sort of. It’s called the “Exploration” Sale, and lasts a week), has also recently begun. One of the games on offer, as expected, is GTA V. The PC Download available from the Rockstar Warehouse isn’t the same as the Steam version, however it is a digital download, so the two are practically the same.


Thus, should Steam offer a deal better than the 40% discount Rockstar has going for it, it would be an obvious dent in revenue. When the discounts for the Steam Exploration Sale went up, the game was stamped with the 40% off mark. Now, granted, this is a better price than the game has ever had on Steam, but seeing as Rockstar is running the same sale, they hardly gave Valve a choice, as offering any less is hardly a sound business choice.

There has been an issue regarding Steam sales and GTA V before, which saw the game’s price inflated just before the sale went up, so that the unaware customers would still pay full price.


Has there has been some small measure of “foul play” this time around as well? As a part of Rockstar’s Black Friday promotion, people purchasing PC copies of GTA V will get a deposit of GTA$ 500k in their account – a deal the Steam version does not have. Again, Rockstar has managed to ensure that they get the biggest cut, as when GTA V is bought through Steam, they presumably have to share more with Steam.

Anyone bought something through the Steam sale yet?

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