GTA V Snapmatic Contest Winners Announced

Last year when the Executives and Other Criminals and Festive Surprise DLCs launched, they were each accompanied by the announcement of a Snapmatic contest. Both contests have a grand prize of GTA$1,000,000 (despite what the participation terms may claim), making them a great opportunity for photography-inclined players to make some extra cash.

The winners of both contests have now finally been revealed via the Newswire, Rockstar’s own news platform. Every time one of these contests ends, we’re amazed by the hidden artistic talent that can be found in the GTA V community.

First, the winners of the Executives contest were revealed:


This shot, with a clear eastern theme, simply oozes luxury and style. Nothing like having golden dragons on absolutely everything to show off your fortune.


Seeing as how much they have been covered, it should be no surprise that the yachts are a pretty significant part of the update. This shot reinforces that.


Yachts, yachts, yachts.


The new Declasse Mamba became extremely popular among players. It is the subject of two winning snaps.


Moving on to the Festive Surprise contest winners, we distance ourselves from the artistic and brush up to the bosom of humor.


Snowball fights are an iconic element of the festive period in GTA Online, as is the Gingerbread man mask. this shot puts one and one together to make a million.


Gee, Christmas this year sure was a blast!


This shot was made by the same player as the first of the Mamba shots, making them a two-time winner. Christmas came late, it seems.


Now this version of Nightmare Before Christmas I need to see.


This final, undeniably adorable shot of the happy Gingerbread man getting some milk is probably our favorite of the lot.

The GTA V community really outdid themselves with these snaps. Do we have any of the winners among our readers?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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