GTA V Single Players Get Online’s Random Events

Once again, we bring to you a mod which strengthens the lines of those which port GTA Online content over to the single player component of the game. Previous mods in this vein have brought over Benny’s Original Motorworks from the Lowriders DLC and the additional properties added in the High Life DLC. A few of the new heists were also ported over in a few mods we haven’t reported on.


This particular one adds some more stuff to do in GTA V while messing around, because, you know, it is totally in need of more content and players are just lazing around, not knowing what to do. GTA V is known to be boring, after all, right?


In GTA Online, while playing in Freemode, even before the Freemode Events DLC, a whole lot of random activities popped up for you to partake in. These small scale occurrences served to give the game an active vibe, a feeling that the world is alive, and that you truly are just one little crook in a city full of criminals. The Online Random Events For Single Player mod adds the first generation of random events from Freemode, meaning the Crate Drops, the Armoured Trucks, the Assassinations, the Smuggler Vehicles and finally the Special Vehicles. All of these have various different types which are rolled randomly.


As the title suggests, these events are initiated randomly, however you can expect to run into one five minutes after the one before. Once one “activates”, you’ll have approximately seven minutes to decide whether or not you want to complete it before it disappears. These time intervals may be edited freely in the .ini file. All events will be clearly marked on your map for ease of access.

Do you guys prefer solo play in GTA V?

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