GTA V Single Player DLC Was Announced Two Years Ago Today

Originally, the continuation of Michael, Trevor and Franklin’s story was set to launch in 2014. However, to this day we are still waiting on any news regarding GTA V single player DLC, and while Rockstar has seemingly shot it down, hope still lingers.

From the Newswire post announcing Story DLC.
From the Newswire post announcing Story DLC.

With the story mode of GTA V being as well rounded as it was, you can hardly say that Rockstar left players hanging with no proper conclusion to the plot. In fact, the finale scenes very effectively put a period at the end of it all and there really isn’t a lot that can be done. This is because of the open endedness of the game itself, since some outcomes would require the DLC to disregard gameplay features and past events which are at the core of the experience.


Despite this, Rockstar could have always pulled something along the lines of Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s story DLC pack, which chronologically took place during the events of the main game, as opposed to after.

Many players typically prefer to player solo as opposed to with others over the internet, and the fact is that shortly after the first article was posted on the Newswire, GTA Online has been getting all the attention and new content. The characters of GTA V have been greatly praised throughout the gaming industry however, so seeing their return would certainly be welcomed by all.

From the Newswire post announcing Story DLC.

It has been a long time since Rockstar released any official word on the state of Story DLC for GTA V, however based on the last time they said something about it, things weren’t rosy. Initially, developers from Rockstar said that yes, the Story DLC is under development and on the way, however soon after a Take-Two representative “corrected” the statement, saying that they have no intention of releasing any single player content for the game.

Do any of you still have any hope for Story DLC being released for GTA V, or do you think it is no more than a dream?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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