GTA V Sells More Than A Million On Steam In Less Than A Year

We all know that GTA V is a massive juggernaut in the sales department, having surpassed 54 million shipped copies and lord knows how much profit. Now, despite the PC version being the most advanced in the visual department, a the only platform that supports mods and formerly the only platform on which the Rockstar Editor was available, a vast, overpowering majority of GTA V sales happened on console. This can be attributed to the target audience, and the fact that due to the PC version’s several delays, most people who wanted GTA V just got it on console instead.


GTA V is available on PC in physical and digital form, the latter most notably on Steam, Valve’s massive digital distribution platform. Steam is arguably the most popular of the various digital distribution platforms active today, with millions of users world-wide. The massive library of games (which has actually become more of a problem than a blessing recently) and the frequent sales make Steam the vendor of choice for many a gamer – people speak of their vast Steam backlogs all the time. I myself have a little over 200 games in my library, which counts as quite few on average, mind you, and haven’t ever installed most of them!

While GTA V had a rocky history with Steam, the platform is undoubtedly quite successful in its distribution of the game. While the number is hardly impressive when compared to total sales, it is interesting to note that since the April 2015 release of GTA V, over a million copies of the game have been sold through Steam, in just one month short of half a year. For a multiplatform release, especially considering how the PC version was last to launch, this number is actually pretty damn high, all things considered.

Did any of you guys buy GTA V on steam?

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