GTA V PS4 Needs 44.9 GB of Free Space


Near the start of October, we discovered a pre-order page for GTA V on the European PlayStation Store that said players would need at least 50 GB for the game. At the time, we compared it to the PS3 version’s 18 GB requirement.

Now, the PlayStation Store page for GTA V’s PS4 digital download says the file size is 41.8 GB. However, Reddit user DallasStars1999 pre-ordered it and was told 44.9 GB is needed. That’s not as big as the initial report, but it’s still massive compared to the original’s size.

This is most likely due to the HD textures. It seems as though many PS4 and Xbox One games have massive file sizes. Hard drives are bigger now, but this still poses a potential problem for players who prefer digital copies of games. What format are you getting GTA V in, and what do you think about the PS4 version’s file size?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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