GTA V Patch Live, New GTA Online Glitches Already Discovered


Patch 1.07 for GTA V is now live (check out the official notes here) and already we’ve gotten reports of people discovering new glitches, particularly in GTA Online. Here’s one that’s pretty easy to pull off:

  1. Make sure your spawn location is your apartment (this will save you time).
  2. Go to the online car dealership and purchase a Dune Buggy for $20K.
  3. Grab the Dune Buggy from your garage and head to the nearest Los Santos Customs.
  4. Sell the Buggy for a cool $39K ($19K profit!).
  5. Then simply join a new GTA Online session.
  6. You will spawn in your apartment and can then just repeat the steps above.

By joining a new session of GTA Online you avoid the cool down and so should be able to purchase and resell the Dune Buggy a lot faster. Enjoy!

And make sure you check out out MASSIVE archive of other GTA Online hints and tips.

What do you think? Sound off below!

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