GTA V New Zealand Mod updated

Some time ago we reported on one particularly patriotic citizen of New Zealand that had painstakingly switched out a few skins to make Los Santos feel more like home. Dre Hema-Kani, a fan of GTA V and resident of Aotearoa, has since released a set of updated screenshots of his well-known-but-not-yet-available New Zealand conversion mod for GTA V.


The man was motivated by a desire to see more of his home in the digital world while playing his favorite game. He published initial screenshots of the mod in action a while back, and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community for his efforts. Ostensibly Kiwi things such as Tui beer and the Mongrel Mob filled the scenery of Blaine county. Many of the new additions included trademarked content which is the primary reason why the mod is not yet available to the public.

I didn’t realise that the public would respond so well to my screenshots, so a lot of people saw them, including businesses that I put in the original images, [and] a few of them requested for me to cease and desist.

However, despite a few hiccups, he proceeded with his work on the mod and the community continued to cheer him on. Dre is now in the process of clearing the legal water in order to be able to release his mod. Not commercially, of course, this is fully intended to be a free mod when it finally does become available for all.

Since I have started asking permission to use logos I have had more yeses than noes which is great [and] the ones that have said yes are really supportive.

Unfortunately Dre had to remove the Mongrel Mob from the mod due to legal issues and community outcry, but in his recent update he has shown off several new additions. Are you looking forward to the release of this GTA V mod? Let us know down below from Down Under!

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