GTA V Named Prime Digital Tourist Destination

Video games, besides entertainment, primarily serve the purpose of escapism. They let you leave the troubles of the real world behind for a short while, or at the very least allow you to enjoy another. GTA V presents you with a world much like ours, only without rules – you can do the things in GTA that you can’t in real life. Video games often spirit us away to vibrant, intriguing worlds filled with spectacle and sights to be discovered. Be it a magical land of fantasy, the farthest reaches of space, or just an idyllic countryside reminiscent of the real world, these are places that are pleasant to visit.

The Telegraph has put together 8 of the most scenic video game locations that you can visit for a virtual holiday. As testament to the longevity of GTA V, it shares a place on the list with some pretty recent releases. Except for Elite: Dangerous, every game on the list is either from this year or the last, making GTA V the oldest game to make the Telegraph’s selection.

Each entry contains a brief description of the game the location is from, the location itself, things you can spend time with and various travel warnings. Los Santos’ description is extremely fitting, so whoever wrote this really did do their research.


Los Santos is described as a city filled with wealth and every known method of its display. The cars which form and intrinsic part of GTA are mentioned explicitly, as are the satirical NPCs the city is populated with.

The best places to visit in the city according to the articles are Vespucci Beach, though the hordes of douches roaming around may put some people off, the Kortz Center Museum and the Vinewood sign.

What’s there to do in Los Santos? Well, you could always kill people, but the Telegraph decided to omit that particular pass-time, instead focusing on all the peaceful pass-times like golf and yoga. Right, because that’s what you’re going to do in GTA, right?

What the Telegraph nails on the head is the travel warning. If you’re visiting Los Santos, chances are you’re going to get killed. Be it getting shot, stabbed, beaten, set on fire, blown up or run over, death will catch up with you eventually – just another day in Los Santos, right?


If you were to visit GTA V’s world on a holiday, how would you spend your time?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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