GTA V Music Video Contest Winner Announced

Way back in October Rockstar announced a contest wherein players were invited to create the official music video for “Wanderer” by Little Dragon, which happened to be part of GTA V’s soundtrack. This is not the first time one of the artists who contributed to the game’s soundtrack had a new official music video made using the Rockstar Editor. Over the months countless hard-working contestants had the Editor open day and night to win the sweet prizes.


Now, after several months, Rockstar has finally revealed who the lucky winner of the stylized gaming peripheral, Varsity jacket and director’s chair is. As usual, they also included the runner-ups who each got a $100 coupon to be used in the Rockstar Warehouse for their efforts.

The winner, iDirect, as the name might suggest has quite a bit of experience with this sort of thing. The guide for making the music video was to show the story of a double-agent playing both sides of the same game. iDirect’s video sure as heck manages that, depicting the exploits of an informant who pulls a fast one with both the police and a chop-shop.

Some fans are calling out Rockstar for playing two sides here too. We’re all well aware of Rockstar’s modding policy, however the winning entry makes extensive use of mods. Of course, mods are only banned when playing Online, but some players still see their use as “cheating”. This becomes even more of a controversial topic when you take into account the fact that all of the runner-ups were mod-free.

Despite this small bit of drama, the community overall seems to agree with the choice of winner. Considering that this was the second song to get an official GTA V music video, we’re fairly certain that there will be a few more of these coming.

Which song from the GTA V soundtrack would you want to get a Rockstar Editor music video?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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