GTA V’s Streets Get A Lot Meaner (Mod)

GTA V is a game thoroughly based in crime and the criminal underworld. You steal money and cars, you own and use unlicensed weaponry, you hurt and kill people and much much more. Of course, you’re hardly the only criminal walking the game’s virtual streets- usually the guys you’re knocking off aren’t exactly law abiding citizens either. Even so, Los Santos and Blaine county seem particularly peaceful, if it weren’t for the mayhem caused by the players themselves.


Have you ever felt that GTA V needs more crime? Usually, you’d say no. Between, the main missions, the side missions and the game mechanics themselves, there is plenty of illegal activity to go around. But then, GTA has always been about doing things over the top. In vanilla V, there isn’t a lot of street crime going on. Not many muggings, street shootouts, burglaries and the like. Plus, since when are you the only car thief in the entire state?

There have been mods in the past to help this issue, such as the mod adding a whole gang war mechanic and the other which occasionally sends people after you in the open world to shake things up, but that too involved the player character in a large capacity. What about everyone else in Los Santos being violent towards one another for a change?


The very descriptively named More Crime Mod seeks to address this issue specifically. A set of pre-defined criminal events are randomly spawned all over the game map and can play out without the involvement of the player if you choose not to get involved (unless some of the psychos target you for choppin’).

The mod will randomly initiate one of the following: a shootout between two rival street gangs, where the police also get involved; a group of shooters randomly appearing, targeting everyone including one another and the player; a pair of NPCs beating one another up with just their fists and finally a sole attacker who has some kind of grievance with the player character and intends to discuss his issues over a nice cup of assault and battery.


While encountering any of this with the frequency that you will after using the mod in real life is impossible, since LA is nearly that dangerous, realism wasn’t the goal here anyway. This mod seeks to shake up the freemode faffing about portion of GTA V’s single player with some good old violence. This mod may not be for everyone, or some may only enjoy it on small portions, but it certainly makes things more interesting and combat-heavy.

The author intends to continue supporting the mod with further updates, such as adding a configurable .ini file so that users may manage the frequency with which the various criminal events spawn, as the mod does turn GTA V particularly chaotic. That’s saying a lot, knowing what the game is like by default.


Would you like to see a higher rate of dynamic freemode crime in the next GTA game?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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