GTA V Mod Makes Shooting More Realistic

Provided you live in a world where all sound effects are replaced by comic-book style written visualizations of said sound effects, that is.

Are you tired of playing grim, boring, dull games that are *gasp* realistic? Well, then this mod is perfect for you! It will turn GTA V’s otherwise average shootouts into amusing scraps. This mod will make you run around shooting every single civilian you see, in spite of incurring the wrath of the game’s notoriously tough cops.

For about five minutes, that is, after which you’ll switch it off. Don’t get us wrong, this is a fun and original idea. The author obviously is a pretty laid back dude for having come up with this and many props to him! You’ll probably turn this thing on for a few minutes every other day just for the fun of it and to lend some variety to GTA V, but we doubt anyone out there has the patience to play with this thing on all the time.

Basically, you can all guess what the Pew Pew Pew Weapon Sounds mod does. If you don’t want to hear (glorious, glorious) gunshot sounds whenever firing a gun in GTA V, turn this baby on and you’ll be listening to the distorted voice of the author, StancedBoss saying “pew” each and every time a shot is fired.


That’s it – but as with many things in human history, like the wheel, this mod benefits from simplicity. This isn’t a massive overhaul tweaking every bloody integer in the game to “balance and adjust” values. This doesn’t add new, complex game mechanics. This doesn’t give the visuals of the entire world a makeover. This mod is some dude recording himself saying “pew” and making you listen to it each time you pull a trigger.

Sure, those other mods we listed have their place in the modding community, but sometimes when you fire up GTA V, you just want to hear some dude saying “pew”.


For the best experience, we suggest combining this with that mod that turns all shots into lasers, or better yet, with the Particle Gun mod. Not only will your gun sound like pew, but it will look like pew too! Using this while sporting the rail gun might also enhance the experience if neither of those other mods work for you due to whatever reason.

Did you secretly always desire the guns in GTA V to go “pew”?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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