GTA V Meets True Detective (Video)

Amidst the turmoil of the GTA Online Freemode Events announcement, some players have found the time to mess around with the Rockstar Editor a bit. One particular fan, llachlann, found quite a bit of time to make yet another magnificent recreation of the opening sequence of a popular TV show. He used the unique game play capture and video editing suite developed specifically for GTA V which, incidentally, is getting updated with patch 1.29, as well as seeing its current-gen console debut.


Considering the amount of investigation it would take to sift through all the baseless rumors about GTA DLC and possible sequels, it is fitting that the recreation has a detective theme. Or, should we say, a genuine detective theme?

No? Nobody?

Oh, well.

For those of you who did not die of a bad-joke-induced-stroke, you’ve probably guessed that this will be a recreation of the popular crime thriller show True Detective. As is usually the case with Rockstar Editor recreations that are actually newsworthy, this piece of work has all the details in the right place, and is about as authentic as you can get. Obviously, you’ll see that it makes heavy use of after-effects and non-Rockstar Editor editing, but in the case of an opening sequence as heavily stylized as True Detective, there really is no other way of doing it. And anyway, who are we to complain, it looks amazing!

Soon, Playstation 4 and Xbox One players will be also able to create similar videos to a slightly limited extent. This is courtesy of GTA Online update 1.29, which contains the Freemode Events DLC, and is bringing the Rockstar Editor to the current-gen consoles for the first time. The update will go live some time today, so couch-gamers with a flair for cinematography need not wait much longer to get shooting (not in the regular GTA sense).

Do we have any True Detective fans among us?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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