GTA V Meets The Matrix In The Most GTA Way Possible

As far as influential and well known films go, the Matrix is pretty high on the list. A definitive piece of sci-fi cinema history, the first Matrix film was truly groundbreaking for its time and catapulted Keanu Reeves to fame, among other things. Due to it being a pillar of popular culture, many easter eggs across all forms of media have referenced it over the years. The GTA franchise isn’t a stranger to Matrix related references either, however the two haven’t crossed paths quite like this before.

GTA V, upon release, was praised for how smooth and polished the game was in technical terms. While many AAA games have a penchant for launching as an unplayable buggy mess, GTA V had nary a bug in sight from day one. However, just like the Matrix, which was constructed by a race of hyper-intelligent AI robots, some glitches can be found.

In the Matrix, Neo, Morpheus and the other heroes gain special abilities within the virtual world by “hacking” the Matrix, meaning it all comes down to coding. However, what happens when they encounter a bug at the worst possible moment?

What if Morpheus had accidentally left off a semi-colon just before he showed off the iconic “jump program” while teaching Neo? Panic and a broken windshield is what.

GTA V fan and YouTuber Duggy is known for his short, humorous sketches and other video content related to Rockstar’s hit game. We previously featured his video adapting Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot speech to GTA V. The same high-quality directing and imagery seen in that video is present here as well. The glimpse of what Michael (Neo) would do in such a situation is a nice little touch to further enhance the experience.

Which of the two pills do you think each GTA V protagonist would have chosen in Neo’s place?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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