GTA V Meets Star Wars In Epic Video

Star Wars Episode VII hype has found its way into GTA V.

This isn’t a recreation, or an adaptation, however it is clearly inspired by the space opera epic which is getting revived next month. Star Wars is a staple of all forms of entertainment, not only film. However it is on the silver screen where it excels above all. The much awaited seventh episode, The Force Awakens, arrives next month after a decade has passed since the release of the previous installment, which happened to be the third of six. Yeah, its weird. Whatever. Star Wars.


This extremely well made animation features the epic showdown between Darth Maple-leaf Trevor Phillips, and Jedi Knight Michael De Santa. The whole thing is laced with typical GTA-style profanity and humor, plus the ever present violence.

Yeah, we’re talking about *additional* violence added to a duel between two space-magicians using laser swords. The force makes an appearance as well in the form of an awesome move by Trevor in the shape of the “force-flip-off” which launched a volley of lightning at Michael straight from the angry Canadian’s middle finger.


The ending is certainly scores more violent than anything that is shown in any Star Wars media (a large portion of its audience is children, after all), and we’re talking about a movie series which features frequent dismemberment and third-degree burns on the whole body. However, a lightsaber to the face just seems so much more effective.

That one aspect also happens to be the only issue with the video. The work put into making the animation fluid and realistic is impressive, and it is clear that a lot of attention was put into it. Too bad the fact that the heat of the lightsaber would instantly cauterize any wound, so the massive splash of blood would never occur.

How excited are you guys for the upcoming Star Wars film?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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