GTA V Meets Russian Roulette, Bullet Meets Brains

Meta-mods (mods which place games within games) are among the most fun community-made content out there. Sure, it’s not like GTA V is in need of more content, considering there is already more than enough fluff and faff populating the game to ensure that you never get bored. It appears that is so much so that other games are using it as an example to be followed.

Even if you happen to be in possession of illegal quantities of free time and actually manage to get bored of GTA V, you can always go play GTA Online, which has about twice as much content, and was incidentally recently expanded even further with the Freemode Events update.


However, if you’re hurting for a fun little game to play in a game with the people in the game, then look no further. This simple, yet fun little mod adds Russian Roulette to GTA V. Now, since this is GTA, it should go without saying that this is indeed live-fire Russian Roulette, meaning that of the two people who sit down to play, only one will stand up with their brain still inside their skull (or, well, stand up at all, for that matter). You can play the mini game with any NPC found in the game.


When you approach your selected opponent, a prompt to begin the round will appear, and a table will spawn. You then sit face to face with your opponent, and will have a six shot weapon between you with a single bullet. In the game, you can choose to shoot yourself, spin the chamber, or, in true GTA V style, just up and shoot your opponent. Granted, the NPC opponent will have the same options, and thanks to complex AI (in a mini game, yup), sometimes they will try and cheat. Let the games begin!

Will you be giving Russian Roulette a try? In GTA V of course – don’t try this at home. Seriously.

What do you think? Sound off below!

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