GTA V Meets… GTA 2?

Well, this is fun. Just in case you felt that GTA V doesn’t have enough GTA, this is a GTA V mod which puts more GTA 2 into your GTA V.


That’s a lot of GTA.

Mods which add features from a previous installment of a franchise into a newer release are hardly a new concept… even within the realm of GTA V, with mods bringing over the maps of previous GTA games into the engine of the newest blockbuster in the series.

Considering the number of games in the GTA franchise, it is clear that the various games won’t have the same features, and while as time progressed, more and more features were added, some old mission types and game modes have also been cut, regardless of their popularity at the time.

One of the defining features of GTA 2 were the kill frenzy missions, which had players kill a number of civilians and police, as well as causing property damage in a given amount of time. While these later returned to the series as Rampages, and appear in GTA V as five of Trevor’s side missions, they have gone through a few changes, and the traditional Kill Frenzy is missing from the GTA V experience.

Or at least, it was until now. Coming to us from modder YUNoCake (a profound question indeed), the Kill Frenzy mod adds 7 new kill frenzy missions to Grand Theft Auto V, which can be played by all three protagonists, replayed any time, and each will give the player a unique weapon with infinite ammo. The weapon is yours to keep after the frenzy is over, regardless of whether or not you succeeded. These frenzies are scattered across the map, each close by to either a LS Customs or an Ammunation store.

Do you guys have fond memories of GTA 2?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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