GTA V Meets Fallout… Again

Something about these two lovebirds keep bringing them together.

With Fallout 4 getting mod support just like its predecessors, I fully expect a slew of GTA themed mods to be developed for it. In the meantime, however, we need to be satisfied with a sweet video made in the Rockstar Editor which recreates a typical Fallout combat scenario (also dogmeat). And now we have this sweet sweet mod which enables you to either crush the denizens of the wasteland under the heel of your new ruling order, or to help them as knights of steel.


Lo and behold, the Fallout Power Armor mod, which adds the Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave power armors to GTA V. Note that this mod is a full body replacement mod. The two power armor versions added with this modification are: (1) the original Enclave Power Armor which was featured in the first two Fallout games, and again in New Vegas as the Remnant Enclave Armor; and (2) the iconic T51, as featured in all Fallout games, and on the covers of Fallout 1, 3 and 4.


This mod doesn’t contain new 3D models made specifically for GTA V by the modder, but is rather a compatibility port of the original models made and used by Bethesda in the Fallout games. Since these are two entirely different products, running on different engines and whatnot, you can imagine that the transmission wasn’t flawless, and the models look a tad low quality in the game (the Enclave armor more so, which looks like it has about a dozen polygons, but the T51 looks pretty sweet). But this is the price of authenticity, and how gives a hoot, you’re wearing power armor!

Granted Los Santos isn’t a nuclear wasteland, but we’re sure there’s a mod for that too. In the meanwhile, you can stride around in your massive power armor and help the city along in the process.

Do we have an Fallout fans among our readers?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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