GTA V Meets Drive

This is an oldie but goodie. Here at we like to bring attention to some of the best Rockstar Editor creations with the goal of inspiring our readers to try their hand at the craft. This one is from way back when GTA V initially launched, and players we’re only just getting familiar with the Rockstar Editor and its use. Players of GTA V instantly recognized the potential of the video editing software as a means to insert other fandoms into the game, and to recreate scenes from their favorite (other) games, shows and movies in the GTA engine.


One of the first of such creations is a pretty obvious one. Drive is a movie about cars, crime, and violence. GTA is a game franchise about cars, crime, and violence. Perfect mix right? Well, GTA Online player Sir_PhilMcKraken thought so too, and set out to create the perfect, most authentic rendition of the hit 2011 action movie’s opening sequence. Check out the amazing final result below!

For those of you who haven’t seen Drive, firstly, you’re missing out and should really check out what is lauded as one of 2011’s best movies, and secondly, here is the original for comparison.

Drive is about an unnamed stuntman/mechanic/getaway driver (really fitting into GTA here already) falling for a neighbor of his who happens to be married, however their husband is in jail (could fit a GTA storyline?). The titular Driver also gets tangled in illegal racing (very GTA) funded by gang-money (also very GTA), and has to fight off thugs (extremely GTA) and take part in high-speed chases (also extremely GTA). Sometimes he does both at the same time (GTA through the roof over here)!

Have you guys seen Drive? What did you think? Do you agree that the whole movie feels very much like the GTA games do?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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