GTA V Meets Deadpool In A Sufficiently Violent Way

Here’s one Rockstar Editor recreation which does not feature additional GTA flavored violence.


The merc with a mouth has become a bit of a pop culture sensation, with Deadpool having become known outside of comic-enthusiast circles. A slew of internet memes, videos and references have popularized the character’s wanton disregard for personal safety (being invulnerable helps), and the insane “random” personality of this super-hero-villain-thing seems to appeal to the current generation of young adults.

The sudden rise in popularity has spawned first a game, and more recently a live action film. Seeing as GTA V also happens to be somewhat popular (what do we know though?), some overlap was to be expected. And now, a fan out there has recreated the first trailer for the Deadpool movie using the Rockstar Editor.

On occasion, when we reported on the Rockstar Editor recreation of the intros of certain television shows and children’s cartoons, the phrase “additional GTA V style violence” was often used.

Anyone remotely familiar with the kind of character Deadpool is will know he is no stranger to violence. Being immortal and all, Deadpool’s absolute disregard for his own well being has allowed him to perform feats of mass murder and spectacular killing no mortal would be capable of. In an infamous, and definitely non-canon, comic run, he personally killed off the whole Marvel universe (the only other character to ever do this was the Punisher).

The recreation is extremely authentic and well made, following the actual trailer scene by scene. Some non-Editor tweaks were also employed for certain fight scenes, however even without the use of third party software, an impressive level of effort was put into this, keeping the use of mods to a minimum.

Do we have any Deadpool fans among our readers? Are you looking forward to the film?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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