GTA V Meets Battlefront, Star Wars VII

With the premier of The Force Awakens on the horizon, and the launch of Battlefront not long passed, even the GTA V community can’t help but be all caught up in the Star Wars hype.

This would be hardly the first time a bit of Star Wars has leaked into GTA V. Between mods, trailer recreations and short animations, Star Wars has reared its head in Los Santos many times over, and many GTA fans are eagerly awaiting the return to that galaxy far, far away.


It is also hardly the first time someone remade a trailer for episode VII specifically using mods and the Rockstar Editor. However, this video is unique for its hybrid use of Battlefront, as certain shots were recorded in that game instead of GTA V.

The rather ingenious use of the two games in tandem makes this the best looking and most authentic recreation of any of the trailer for the upcoming film. The parts shot in GTA V are in the vast majority, and depict most non-dogfighting scenes from the trailers. While mods for X-Wings and other Star Wars ships exist, the game is hardly the best platform to record epic Starfighter battles. While there isn’t any actual *space* combat in Battlefront, the iconic vehicles of Star Wars are flyable. Battlefront was a highly anticipated game, however it did receive lukewarm reviews, and Take-Two’s CEO isn’t worried about its impact on GTA V sales.

GTA V shipped with the Rockstar Editor with its PC release and a recent update made the video editor suite available on current gen consoles as well. One of the early teasers of The Force Awakens was recreated using the editor in the past. On occasion, GTA V videos made use of additional editing and mods, but never before were they laced with footage from another game.

What are your opinions on the recently released Star Wars Battlefront remake?

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