GTA V Meets Battlefield 1

The turnaround times on these new GTA V trailer recreations is getting shorter every week it seems. The Rockstar Editor has primarily been used by the community to re-make existing trailers or TV opening sequences in the engine of GTA V, with some aiming for full authenticity, while others go for a satirical approach. While movies seem to be the most prominent source material, games have been getting their fair share of attention.

Naturally, the more high-profile a game is the more likely it is to be remade in GTA V – and how much higher-profile can you get than one of the two leading military shooter franchises? While the recent announcement of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has draw the most ire from the gaming community any new release ever has, the also-recently announced and confusingly named Battlefield 1 is getting all the love.

While it’s more mainstream and arguably lower-quality counterpart keeps pushing ahead into the future, thus (d)evolving into a not-as-good version of Titanfall (seriously, go play Titanfall), Battlefield has decided to look back and take the lesser-represented of the two World Wars.

Known as “The Great War”, the First World War hasn’t seen many outings in the gaming industry outside of grand strategy games for the simple reason that most people assume trench warfare was all about sitting in a hole all day, occasionally shooting randomly in the vague direction that the enemy might be in.

As this scene-for-scene announcement trailer recreation shows, Battlefield 1 is here to prove that assumption wrong. The scenes of the trailer were surprisingly adaptable to GTA V’s modern peace-time environment, with the notable change of warhorses being motorcycles.

Other than that one, necessary change, 57chevy150 has crafted the perfect GTA V recreation of the trailer. We’ve featured the YouTuber’s work before, including another trailer recreation – though replicating a car-racing game is much easier than a WWI shooter.

This is pretty much as true to the source material as you can get without extensive modding. We suspect that Scene Director may have been used, but the lack of any vehicle mods is especially commendable with regards to the quality of the end-product.

Battlefield 1 has yet to show off any gameplay (other than the few seconds in this trailer), but we can expect some neat demos soon at E3 2016, where Rockstar Games will also be showing of their next major project.

Did Battlefield 1 catch your attention with its unique setting, or will you stick to GTA V and Online?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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