GTA V Meets Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

This is one trailer recreation long in the making. With the trailers of countless upcoming and highly anticipated films getting the Rockstar Editor treatment, it really is a surprise that this clip took so much time to make after it was first revealed. We haven’t even gotten a teaser recreation before now and this here is the real deal.

Merfish returns to us once more, leaving us with barely enough time to recover from his previous abomination, wherein the Powerpuff Girls were replaced with three grown hairy men.

This most recent creation of his is surprisingly… reserved. Nary a dildo in sight, there are a few turds (most of them concentrated on Lester’s face) to remind us who to blame for this thing.

Michael as Superman
Michael as Superman

This particular video is an adaptation of the full 3 minute trailer for the upcoming film that has the masses excited and long time comic fans dismayed. In keeping with tradition when it comes to GTA V trailer recreations, this too attempts to be a shot for shot remake, with a few deviations for the sake of humor.

As previously mentioned, the whole thing is uncharacteristically reserved for Merfish. His involvement only becomes apparent in the very end, with the parts preceding it being a pretty run of the mill Editor flick.

Trevor as Batman
Trevor as Batman

Two characters who only appear in the final scene of the trailer have been substituted with the most hilarious GTA V characters possible, with typical Merfish-brand outfits on one of them.

I’m fairly certain that there are more than a few hardcore DC fans who would rather watch a full length film a la Merfish, as opposed to the official thing.

Are any of you guys looking forward to Batman Vs Superman, or are you steering clear of what very likely might be a train-wreck of a film?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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