GTA V Meets Metal Gear Solid

While Fallout 4 may have stolen the AAA spotlight, this autumn saw some other major releases as well. Back in September, the highly anticipated finale of the legendary Metal Gear franchise, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, was released.


It garnered positive reviews, and is universally praised by players as a great game and a worthy ending of the beloved stealth franchise. The Metal Gear franchise has quite a history, with roots reaching far back, and countless spin-offs to accompany the main series (much like GTA).


The following Rockstar Editor creation is a marvel of creativity. It beautifully encompasses the pure creative potential of GTA V when in the hands of someone with the imagination and skill to use it properly. Metal Gear Solid, the third game in the franchise, and the one to grant it the vast popularity it enjoys today, is played from a semi-top down perspective, with both third and first person views occurring contextually or optionally. The gameplay and perspective of MGS is perfectly emulated in the video. Michael, jumping in for Solid Snake, infiltrates Fort Zancudo in order to hijack Metal Gear, which is replaced with the Duke’o’Death, and makes a daring escape.

The Metal Gear franchise is set in a somewhat-alternate universe where technology has advanced significantly faster than in our own. The various games revolve around a mysterious organisation obviously inspired by the illuminati, who seek to control society secretly. There is also another similar organisation, but they’re totally the good guys. Or not. There’s also cyborgs. And the protagonist of the various games is various clones of himself, his own enemy, his clone’s enemy, and then there is his brother who is also a clone but looks nothing like him. Then there are also various “Metal Gears”, which are basically massive mechs which operate as nuclear launch platforms.

Look, it’s complicated, okay?

Big shout out to all the MGS fans amongst our readers!

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