GTA V Is The Newest Platform For Digital Art

Throughout the months we’ve called GTA V many things. Versatile, expansive, and visually stunning are just a few of these. We would if we said that making photos in the beautiful world of GTA V hasn’t crossed our minds, however due to a general lack of skill, our plans never reached fruition.


Fret not however, as professional photographers have you covered. One such photographer, Morten Rockford Ravn, happened to be riding his bike around town, looking for stuff to take pictures of when he noticed that his camera dropped out of his pocket somewhere along the way. Unsuccessful in his quest to retrieve the camera, Morten returned home, defeated, for a photographer without his camera is much like a de-clawed cat (they still can do stuff, they just don’t know it).

In his frustration, Morten decided to fire up GTA V on the Playstation 4 to blow off steam, but things changed when he realized that the game has a virtual photography feature in the shape of the snapmatic function.


At that moment, GTA V turned into a photographer’s playground, with the vast and varied landscape and locations, the near photo realistic visuals, the beautiful lighting effects, and the wonders of post-productions made Los Santos and Blaine County a better place for a photographer than any real-world location.

This had the artist embark on a journey through GTA V which brought him face to face with two interesting and thought provoking issues. One, less about stuff in GTA and more about GTA itself deals with the over-encumbrance of technology and the dehumanization of VR. While the other relates to the apparent and plenty of social criticism ad commentary the game, which has been a staple of the franchise since the beginning. This inspired him to create a truly unique project, Fear and Loathing in GTA, which is a visual exploration of these themes.

What do you think of this GTA inspired art project?

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