GTA V Inspires The AAA Industry Even Today

GTA V was, undoubtedly, a massive hit, and the waves the game made are still being felt in the gaming industry. With a game praised so highly by both players and critics, as well as the massive profits it has generated, its clear that GTA V is an example to be followed. GTA V’s open world is truly open, giving the player nearly absolute freedom to do as they please. The level of player interaction and agency in GTA V is unparalleled.

The vast freedom of GTA V has not only inspired the modding community, but other AAA game developers as well. One of the most anticipated games recently announced, surprisingly coming out this year, Fallout 4 was heavily inspired by GTA V. Todd Howard spoke of this in a recent interview with GameSpot.

Well, in our games, we want to give you complete freedom. So, I think of the last few years, I think GTA V had succeeded the most at the same type of thing we try to do. I look at that game and think, ‘Wow, I just don’t know how they did this.’ That’s what we try to create, that sense of going anywhere and doing anything. GTA V does it so well. It puts you in its world and it makes you its director. It says yes to the player a lot, and that’s what we try to do. It’s just a phenomenal game.


Now, obviously due to the vast differences in theme, the way in which GTA V had inspired Fallout 4 was hardly in the creative department. Don’t expect to drive around with various cars, performing ski-mask heists and escaping a massive police force. The way in which Bethesda is looking to GTA V is in terms of scale and scope. Bethesda wants you to truly be free and in complete control of your character and their actions. They want you to be truly immersed.

Are you guys looking forward to Fallout 4? Do you think taking inspiration from GTA V is a good idea?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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