GTA V Halloween Event Kicks Off – Daily Rewards

With the recent release of the Halloween Surprise update (we’re writing “recent release” very often these past weeks. Rockstar sure is churning out content!) for GTA Online, the developer has also teased an upcoming weekend event to commemorate the spooky celebration.

While unfortunately there is no way of raking in two times as much cash to fund your Lowriders, there are some exciting activities and contests to be had, with plenty of prizes to be nicked. The event lasts from the 30th of October all the way through the first of November, so get ready to celebrate the day of the dead with some slashing and snapping.


Players logging in to GTA Online each day of the event will be rewarded with special one of a kind shirts, each emblazoned with the cover of a legendary Vinewood horror flick. On Friday you’ll receive the “Knife after Dark” shirt, the “Psycho Swingers” on Saturday and finally the “Zombie Liberals From The Midwest” shirt on Sunday. Rockstar also invites you to try out all the new Adversary Mode, Slasher, has to offer in an all new official playlist, available only during the course of the event.


Players are also encouraged to immortalize their best moments during the event with the in-game Snapmatic function, and then post it to the Social Club. The winners of the contest will be announced alongside the winners of the Lowriders snapmatic contest, and the prize is yet to be revealed.

If you’re more keen on real world goodies, sign up for the Social Club sweepstakes, where you can win one of three prize packs containing a sleeping bag, some stickers, a candle, and a shirt.


Rockstar will also be hosting a special Halloween livestream, where the broadcast team plus some guest stars will be entertaining you with Slasher shenanigans. Are you guys excited for the Halloween GTA Online weekend event?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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