GTA V Goes Survival Horror With Creepy Mod

Need a quick fix for your craving of horror games? Satisfied with only a little story to go with the frights? Not put off by the budget feel of a user created mod? Then this GTA V scenario is right up your alley!


Zombie mods, in lieu of the shambling corpses actually appearing in the game as official content, are plenty for GTA V. However, much like the game itself, they are all goofy, comedic takes on the reanimated dead epidemic (be it on purpose or otherwise). However, while in recent years the focus has shifted to the parody side of things, the concept of bringing people back to life gone horribly wrong still has some genuine scare potential, even if it has been overdone, and then some.


Part of the wonder of the zombie genre is observing the tricks people pull to make it all still seem fresh (no pun intended). Something is always changed or added to the typical zombie formula in an attempt to strike gold a second time. While mixing up zombies with animals is hardly a new concept, modder DJ Scream has decided to take that route when making his GTA V mod.

Humane Labs Experiments takes us back to the sinister bioresearch facility, which was the scene of one of GTA Online’s Heists. Supposedly just a food packaging joint, the building is used for all kinds of shady purposes, such as bioweapons research. This mod shows us the aftermath of a strange virus breaking containment, which killed most personnel and animals, and brought them back as violent, bloodthirsty monsters.


The modder makes great use of the level design of the Labs, and the mod has plenty genuine scares in it. Granted, you’ll blow through it quite quickly, but it is a great way to mix things up. Do you hope for some official zombie content being released for GTA V down the line?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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